Bringing you one of the most outrageous course features ever seen at SSCXWC, Ass-Savers is on a mission to inject a bit of fun into the critically embarrassing world of staying comfy. Seen snapped onto saddles cruising wet city streets, under Pro Tour asses at early season races, and ripping recon laps at your local CX course, Ass-Savers are on board to keep your crack dry.

Broad Street Cycles

Obsessive about cross, with an irreverent attitude towards conventional bike racing, the Broad Street gang throw numerous grassroots races, and can be found at a huge cross-section of cycling events. With World Cup wrenching pedigree, and a selection of very dope bikes, parts & cycling swag, Broad Street provides a full-service bike shop that caters to the counterculture of riding bikes fast.

Cyclocross Magazine

The beating heart of contemporary CX-culture. Think you really love cross? Well, Cyclocross Magazine is more dedicated than you.

These guys keep the posts coming 12 months of the year, offering race results, photo galleries, excellent product reviews and trade show gossip as well as a semi-legitimate landing page for very illegitimate events such as ourselves to establish some web presence.

Easton Cycling

On board to shake up the CX course with a thrilling course feature, Easton Cycling is based out of nearby Vancouver, but contributes globally to the CX world. Engineering some of the most innovative carbon & alloy bike parts on the market, Easton has been making waves in CX with killer disc & rim-brake wheelsets, available in smart options like clinchers, and sexy options, like tubular. A rock-solid line of bar, stems & posts rounds out their catalogue, and have made their way onto many a domestic CX racer’s rig.

Giro Cycling

Somehow this company embodies the best of the bike industry, every time.

Giro continually make their mark on cycling culture by supporting all kinds of badass grassroots events, and making some of the best looking cycling stuff on the market.

We’re grateful that Giro keeps cranking out killer helmets as fast as we crash and crack ’em. And their footware game is un-parallaled, with all kinds of cycking shoe options to satisfy the most nuanced nerding. Need an enduro/ bike packing/ CX racing/ coffee shop stopping/ hipster winter boot/ whatever? The team from Santa Cruz are already on it.

Presenting the GIRO PRE RACE PARTY on Saturday night, the brand is stepping up our lack luster event planning by booking a band, roller sprints and helping throw an alleycat.

Hoyne Brewing

Some of the best local beer available. Small batch, no bullshit. An emphasis on crisp, clean flavours, Hoyne produces a stellar selection of craft brew. With decades of brewing experience, Sean Hoyne and his crew contribute to the thriving Pacific Northwest beer scene, and are always stoked to be involved in local cycling events.

Naked Bicycles & Design

The OG SS’er, Sam Whittingham builds beautiful handbuilt bikes on Quadra Island, a little hunk of rock, roots & trees off the coast of Vancouver Island. Sam’s bikes are internationally regarded for their innovation, and extreme attention to detail: he has won a host of awards for his work, taking home NAHB’S “People’s Choice” award and the coveted “Best in Show”.

Oh, and this guy rips. Faster on two wheels than almost anyone, his smooth skills and churning legs has won him too many extreme endurance events to count, and keep him smiling through the muck of even the harshest CX conditions.


From within a charming house in Victoria’s red light district, thenumber pumps out creative content for the coolest projects on Vancouver island. With an eclectic team of designers, developers, creatives & visionaries, thenumber can make even a shitshow like Single Speed Worlds look slick. We are eternally grateful for their aesthetic guidance, suggestion of structure & timelines and totally appreciate their discerning tastes, even if it throws into sharp contrast our own primitive tastes.

Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi has been producing tech-driven cycling apparel for cyclocross since the first time all-fluro everything was cool.

Their incredibly water-proof technical fabrics will keep you cozy during long training rides, and their compressive skinsuit spandex will make you look slim & trim on the start line.

Raleigh Bicycles

With a groping hand always on the pulse of PACNW cyclocross, Raleigh has been an integral part of making Single Speed Worlds the crazed weekend of “bike racing” that it is today.

Raleigh builds a killer quiver of bikes suited to racing, riding home drunk, wheelieing and bunny-hopping: these aren’t some wind-tunnel-tested, junk-science-vetted super machines, rather perfectly balanced bikes built to keep it fun & fast. Buy these boys a drink.

Raleigh has provided key support for SSCXWC since murky pre-history.

Wolftooth Components

Ice beards, dirt tan-lines, Deep in the wilds of Minnesota, where snowpack sticks around till june, and Wild Turkey is used as airplane de-icer, the whirring of CNC machines ushers in another batch of excellent alloy bike bits.

Wolftooth Components machines some of the best aluminum parts to upgrade your cross or mountain bike, from narrow/ wide chainrings, to svelte single speed cogs. Their love for top quality, lightweight parts is only rivaled by their support for niche cycling scenes and grassroots racing.

The boys at Wolftooth offer some of the best service in the biz, and make many a shiny anodized part begging for inclusion on your next build.